Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Austin air conditioning

10 Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

I live in Texas and when my air conditioner broke in the heat of summer - I was looking for a company fast, who could do an Austin air conditioning repair. In Austin, air conditioning is a necessity! And with out a timely Austin air conditioning repair services, I might have found myself living a lonely life without Austin air conditioning and without my spouse.

I went online to find an Austin air conditioning repair company that was affordable and could get to my house fast! After doing a few searches I found a company with a professional website and was able to request an air conditioning repair quote right on their website! They called me within 30 minutes to confirm my appointment and were able to get out to repair my unit the same day. It turned out that the problem with my Austin air conditioner was a dirty evaporator coil. I had not realized that there was no filter in my unit and we have been living in the home for a year and a half now!

Austin air conditioning energy costs can be high so I didn’t realize that the reason my bill was so much - was because of my dirty coil. All of this could have been avoided if I had maintained my system properly and I would have avoided an expensive air conditioning repair bill.

After talking to my Austin air conditioning company, I discovered a list of things I could do to properly maintain my equipment.

• Replace my air conditioning filter on a monthly basis.
• Use a high efficiency pleated filter.
• Replace the furnace door securely.
• Make sure there is 18” of clearance around my outdoor unit.
• Make sure there is 5’ of clearance above my outdoor unit.
• Spray off the condenser coils with a water hose.
• Pour bleach into my drain line.
• Make sure my drain line isn’t buried beneath the dirt.
• Keep furniture and boxes away from my return air grill.
• Have a preventive maintenance performed by an air conditioning company twice a year.

These were some things I learned from my Austin air conditioning company. Maybe they will help you avoid a costly and inconvenient air conditioning repair.

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